Indrė Makaraitytė

Indrė Makaraitytė – journalist, author of TV broadcasting „Comments of the Week (TV3 channel). 

Indrė holds BA in political science and MA in comparative politics – both from the IIRPS VU, she is also the member of IIRPS VU Board of Trustees. 1998–2009 Indrė was editor in chief of Lithuanian weekly „Atgimimas“, she also lectured at the Institute of Journalism of the Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University. Indrė Makaraitytė wrote explicitly on political sponsorhip, interest groups and political corruption. She is a member of Lithuanian Social Sciences Forum, a Board member of Transparency International Lithuanian Chapter as well as one of the initiaors of Initiative for Journalistic Integrity (lith. – GŽI, Garbingesnės žiniasklaidos iniciatyva) – an online platform uniting journalists interested in higher professional standards, ethics and media transparency in Lithuania.

In 2008 Indrė Makaraitytė received Antanas Macijauskas award for her journalist work and initiatives.


  • Media writing: workshops on political journalism

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