Students' corporation "RePublica"


It is an independent, non-political, public organisation uniting present IIRPS students and its graduates. RePublica is the oldest in the institute among the students' organisations. The main object of corporation is to cherish the IIRPS community and to maintain the relations of the IIRPS students and its alumnus, as well as to range the IIRPS students for the development democratic, legal, civil society in Lithuania.

The founders of the Students’ Corporation “RePublica” seeked to establish a strong, creative and active students’ organization in the prestigious Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University.

RePublica’s main aims and tasks are set in the Statute of the Corporation:

- to foster the community of the Institute and to maintain the ties between former and present students;
- to mass students of the Institute to create a democratic and legal civil society in Lithuania;
- to participate actively in creating a democratic education system that would suit the interests of students and guarantee protection of their rights;
- to represent the Institute and to uphold its image in the society;
- to participate actively in ensuring, actualizing and protecting the rights and freedoms of our members in Vilnius University and outside of it;
- to seek good conditions for the students of the Institute to learn and satisfy their socio–economic and mental needs;
- to save historically settled students’ traditions and to create new ones;

Three words are important to every member:

Lithuania, Institute, Corporation.

The IIRPS students corporation "RePublica"
Vokiečių g. 10-403,
LT-01130 Vilnius
Tel./Fax. (5) 2514146