Laurynas Jonavičius

Holds MA degree in Political Science (International Relations and Diplomacy) from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University (IIRPS).
He has been working as a lecturer at the IIRPS since 2005 and has recently completed his PhD studies at the Institute.
Laurynas Jonavičius served as an adviser to the President of the Republic of Lithuania (Foreign Policy Group). 


  • International politics
  • International Relations theories
  • Russia and CIS studies
  • Modern Russia ant it's foreign policy
  • Eastern and Central Europe: Regional Cooperation
  • Russia studies
  • MA Seminar
  • Contemporary Russia and Its Foreign Policy
  • Tarptautinių santykių teorijos ir tyrimo metodai II
  • Belarus and Ukraine Studies
  • Modern Russia and its Foreign Policy

Additional Information:

Email: laurynas.jonavicius [eta]


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