Vytis Jurkonis

Project manager at the IIRPS (Vilnius University) Research and Public Affairs Department in 2003-2009. 
Head of the Civil Society Development and Cooperation Division at the Vilnius based think-tank Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC) since 2007. Head of the EESC Policy Analysis and Research Division 2010-2012 and a former national researcher for European Foreign Policy Scorecard by the European Council on Foreign Relations.
One of the founders and a member of Vilnius Lyceum Alumni Association and the IIRPS Students' Corporation “RePublica”; member of Lithuanian Political Science Association.
MA in International Relations and Diplomacy and Expert Diploma of the Institute of Human Rights of the Law Faculty of the Complutense University (Madrid) in Rapid Expert Assistance and Co-operation for Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management, Post-conflict Rehabilitation in International Missions.

Vytis Jurkonis is primarily known as the expert of Belarus related issues, Eastern Partnership region and Russia as well as Lithuanian foreign policy, however his previous engagements also included fact-finding missions to and trainings for civil society activists and human rights defenders in Afghanistan, Cuba, Burma and Georgia.

Additional Information:

Email: vytis.jurkonis [eta] tspmi.vu.lt

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