Nerijus Stankevičius


Commander of the Lithuanian King Mindaugas Mechanised Infantry Battalion, Alumnus of the IIRPS MA programme in International Relations and Diplomacy


"I've decided to study in the IIRPS because of the need of specific knowledge and skills. Even the deepest attainment of tactics and best skills of weaponry management are not enough for the latter-day officer to fulfil his tasks swimmingly.

Today Lithuanian military are involved into operations far away from Lithuania, standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies to promote peace and stability. They work in and lead multinational collectives in tremendous international organisations having to cooperate with civilian govenmental institutions in the multicultural environment. Under such conditions the ability to "orientate" in the "jungles" of international processes as well as fundamentals of diplomacy and wider understanding of security become essential needs. 

I can boldly state that studies in the IIRPS met my expectations fully. Lecturers and professors of the Institute showed us a lot of doors behind which the mines of knowledge are hiding. But what is most important, they gave us the tools to open these doors. Naturally, if to open these doors and how far to go - are the questions up to every certain student's will, interest and abilities.

Moreover, while studying I've met loads of interesting people - academicians and fellow students. I've gained new friends. And wonderful collective as well as new knowledge mean a lot in my life".