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Paul Goble - Lithuania Years After the Recovery of Independence: What has Changed and What Hasn't


IIRPS VU presents a recording of a public lecture given by longtime specialist on ethnic and religious issues in Eurasia Paul Goble on May 30th 2013. He spoke on the topic "Lithuania Years After the Recovery of Independence: What has Changed and What Hasn't".

Not surprisingly, most Lithuanians have focused on what has changed since the end of Soviet times, but far fewer have focused on the things that have remained the same, factors that often more profoundly affect the future than at least some of the changes. Mr. Goble will focus on these and suggest how they affect Lithuania and what Lithuanians can do about them.

Paul Goble, earlier worked at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, as Special Assistant for Soviet Nationalities and Special Advisor for Soviet Nationality and Baltic Affairs at the US Department of State, director of research and director of communications and technology at Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian governments have decorated Mr. Goble with their highest awards – the Order of Terra Mariana, the Order of the Three Stars, and the Order of St. Gediminas, respectively, for his role in promoting the recovery of Baltic independence and the departure of Soviet/Russian occupation forces from their territories.

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