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Public Lecture by Indian Minister of State for External Affairs M. J. Akbar "India: Pivotal Power of Asia"

2017-05-19 Institute News

On 25th of May (Thursday) Indian politician who is the Minister of State for External Affairs Mobashar Jawed “M. J.” Akbar will be visiting IIRPS VU and will give a talk on topic “India: Pivotal Power of Asia”. Event will take place at 4:50 p.m., room 304. Lecture will be followed by the discussion. Moderator: assoc. prof. Konstantinas Andrijauskas. 


Cooperation memorandum with NUPI signed

2012-03-12 Institute News

On 8th of March IIRPS signed a cooperation memorandum with the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).


Round-table discussion “One year after Maidan: Lessons and Challenges for Europe and Ukraine”

2015-03-20 Institute News

On March 26th Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University (IIRPS VU) together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Lithuania and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv invite you to participate in a round-table discussion “One year after Maidan: Lessons and Challenges for Europe and Ukraine”, which will take place at the IIRPS VU (Vokieciu st. 10) Room 402 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can find the program of the Seminar here. The event is sponsored by MFA of Lithuania.


IIRPS joins European Global Strategy initiative

2012-10-24 Institute News

The IIRPS has joined the European Global Strategy, a think tank-driven process designed to simulate debate on the future direction of the European Union’s relations. Established in July 2012, the process includes a series of workshops and conferences, and an ongoing online debate.


Winners of the Baltic Assembly Prize in Science Eva-Clarita Pettai and Vello Pettai at the Institute

2015-10-22 Institute News

"Transitional and Retrospective: Comparing the Politics of Truth and Justice in the Baltic States”:  a presentation by Eva-Clarita Pettai and Vello Pettai of their new book will be delivered at the IIRPS. “Transitional and Retrospective Justice in the Baltic states,” their path breaking monograph, which is already published by Cambridge University Press, has won the Baltic Assembly prize for science this year.  It develops an innovative analytical model for studying the politics of the past in post-communist countries.  It also uses this framework to survey all three Baltic states in terms of the public debates and government policies that have sought to deal with truth and justice issues in these countries. According to the authors, the way in which states have dealt with their Soviet past and established mechanisms of truth and justice after regaining independence tells us a lot about the strength and character of their democracies.