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Call for Articles: Baltic Journal of Political Science

2014-07-29 Institute News

Institute of International Relations and Political Science invites proposals for articles to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Baltic Journal of Political Science. Application deadline: September 30, 2014


IIRPS Master graduation ceremony

2015-01-26 Institute News

IIRPS VU Invites to the graduation ceremony of MA programmes in Comparative Politics, Eastern European and Russian Studies and Politics and Media Studies.

The ceremony will take place in Aula Parva – the Small hall of the Old Campus of Vilnius University on January 28th at 2pm.


Research seminar “Methodological Developments in Comparative Politics and the Dilemmas They Pose” by Harvard professor Peter A. Hall

2017-05-10 Institute News

IIRPS VU invites to the public research seminar by outstanding political economist and one of the most well-known institutionalists Peter A. Hall on topic “Methodological Developments in Comparative Politics and the Dilemmas They Pose”.

Event will take place on 22rd of May, 16:45 pm (room 402) in english.

In this seminar following questions will be discussed: how our modalities of comparative research are changing (including more use of experiments, big data and RCTs) and what that offers and what problems it poses for our capacities to do comparative inquiry in the social sciences? This seminar is targeted at young researchers to provide them with an opportunity to discuss particular methodological issues with the leading US scholar as Peter A. Hall who has written extensively on the methodology of social sciences. 

More information about our guest. 

More information about the event. 


Understanding the meaning of strategic communication: Estonian perspective

2015-10-23 Institute News

On the 29th October, 5 pm at the IIRPS VU, room 304 Ilmar Raag, an Adviser on Strategic Communication at Estonian Government Office, will held a lecture on strategic communication in Estonia.

According to Ilmar Raag, we should be concerned about hostile information operations coming from Russia to Estonia and whole Baltic region. The expert deals with the question how such activities instrumentalize and intensify existing social problems with the aim to destabilize situation in the country, for example the vulnerabilities of sociopolitical situation of Narva city. Ilmar Raag addresses the ways to counter propaganda, the ways to recognize straightforward lies. Expert’s analysis provides insights how Estonian experience could be used for the Lithuanian context.


Lecture by Professor Craig Parsons “Think the US Market Is More Unified and Liberalized than the EU? Think again!”

2015-09-08 Institute News

The public lecture by professor Craig Parsons (University of Oregon) “Think the US Market Is More Unified and Liberalized than the EU? Think again!” will take place 15th September (Tuesday), 12:00, room 402.

In the context fo EU and US negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which if fruitful will result the biggest free trade deal in history, the guest will discuss the importance of the ongoing negotiations on TTIP for the EU, the USA and smaller members of transatlantic community like Lithuania.