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Public Lecture by Clark S. Judge "Leadership in Contemporary International Politics: How Leaders Communicate"

2016-09-06 Institute News

On 20 September (Thuesday) at 3 p.m. in room 402 Managing Director of the White House Writers Group, Speechwriter to the US President Ronald Reagan Mr. Clark S. Judge will give a talk on topic "Leadership in Contemporary International Politics: How Leader Communicate?"


Postdoctoral fellowship programme opportunity at the University College London (UCL), School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSES)

2013-11-19 Institute News

Institute offers an opportunity to take part in one month postdoctoral  fellowship programme of School of Slavonic and East European Studies (UCL). Programme aims to provide young scholars from Lithuania to conduct, under guidance of their hosts at SSES, cooperative research with leading research groups in the university and other institutions. Fields of research includes all fields of humanities and social sciences.

The opportunity of the fellowship programme will be given to one candidate.

Candidates willing to apply for the fellowship programme are asked to submit their CV with references to  their major publications and a full description of their intended research project at UCL SSEES by email  until the 9th of December.  The application must be submitted in English.


IIRPS VU joins EU FP7 project EU-PREACC

2013-05-10 Institute News

From 1 March, 2013 IIRPS VU has joined an EU FP7 (IRSES Marie Curie Actions) project “EU-PREACC – Possibilities and Limits, Challenges and Obstacles of Tranferring CEE EU Pre-accession Best Practices and Experience to Moldova’s and Georgia’s Pre-accession Process (2013–2017)”.

Project coordinator: University of Tartu, project partners: IIRPS VU, Moldova State University, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.


Article by IIRPS VU Researchers in an international monograph

2014-03-10 Institute News

February Latvian Institute of international Affairs released a collection of articles entitled „The Politics of Economic Sustainability: Baltic and Visegrad Responses to the European Economic Crisis”. In this monograph three researchers of IIRPS VU: prof. Ramūnas Vilpišauskas, prof. Vitalis Nakrošis and dr. Vytautas Kuokštis published their article “Politics of reacting to the crisis in Lithuania in 2008-2013: exiting the crisis, entering politics as usual?”.


Open expert level workshop „Hybrid threats: overcoming ambiguity, building resilience"

2015-09-02 Institute News

IIRPS VU together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and NATO Energy security centre of excellence are organizing the expert level workshop Hybrid threats: overcoming ambiguity, building resilience ”. The workshop will take place September 10th - 11th at IIRPS VU, conference hall 402.  The workshop will take place September 10th - 11th at IIRPS VU, conference hall 402.

The program of the workshop can be found here