Understanding the meaning of strategic communication: Estonian perspective

2015-10-23 Institute News

On the 29th October, 5 pm at the IIRPS VU, room 304 Ilmar Raag, an Adviser on Strategic Communication at Estonian Government Office, will give a lecture on strategic communication in Estonia.

According to Ilmar Raag, we should be concerned about hostile information operations coming from Russia to Estonia and whole Baltic region. The expert deals with the question how such activities instrumentalize and intensify existing social problems with the aim to destabilize situation in the country, for example the vulnerabilities of sociopolitical situation of Narva city. Ilmar Raag addresses the ways to counter propaganda, the ways to recognize straightforward lies. Expert’s analysis provides insights how Estonian experience could be used for the Lithuanian context.

Ilmar Raag has graduated from the University of Tartu, has studied in Paris and Ohio University, USA.

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