IIRPS joins European Global Strategy initiative

2012-10-24 Institute News

The IIRPS has joined the European Global Strategy, a think tank-driven process designed to simulate debate on the future direction of the European Union’s relations. Established in July 2012, the process includes a series of workshops and conferences, and an ongoing online debate.

Initiated by the foreign ministers of Sweden, Spain, Poland and Italy, the European Global Strategy (EGS) is based on the premise that new strategic thinking is needed in times of flux, hoping to spur political debate and to forge the foundations of a common European strategic culture. The process is led by a think tank from each of the initiating countries which will be working in an independent and autonomous fashion with the goal to inspire creative thinking about a strategy for EU external relations.

EGS is meant to encourage lively debate through a number of vehicles: policy papers, academic articles, newspaper editorials, an interactive website and conference proceedings. At the end of the year-long process a final report spelling out essential elements of a European Global Strategy will be delivered in May 2013.

As an Associated Institute, the IIRPS will get involved by sharing ideas, events and publications via EGS making them visible and appeal to a larger audience. This endeavor provides an opportunity to shape policy by engaging in debate and exchange of research and ideas. EGS-related events and ideas of the think-tanks will be communicated through the official website. More information can be found in an EGS Fact Sheet.

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