Lecture by Iranian American political activist Shahriar Ahy

2014-11-25 Institute News

IIRPS VU invites you to a lecture by Shahriar Ahy, Iranian American political activist. The subject of the session is "Why the West Failed to Win Hearts and Minds". It is why the West has failed to win hearts and minds on the Russian and Arabic information superhighways, even though these are not blocked as in China and Iran. The session concludes with a specific proposal, and will move to Washington for presentation before the new Congress in January. The lecture will take place December 2 (Tuesday) at IIRPS VU (Room 402) from 11.30 a. m.

The discussion will be conducted with scholars from IIRPS VU dr. Konstantinas Andrijauskas and Ieva Koreivaitė.

Shahriar was the co-founder of the Baltic Fund, the first private sector investment fund set up for the Baltic States. Alongside the Baltic Fund, Shahriar was also on the Board of the US-Baltic Foundation, set up to nurture civil society and democratic administration in the newly liberated states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, in collaboration with notables like Toomas Ilves, the present Estonian President and Linas Kojalis, the Reagan State Department’s Human Rights coordinator when the Soviet Union collapsed.

After graduating from MIT with a degree in computer science, Shahriar worked with Ithiel de Sola Pool, the editor of the Handbook of Mass Communication, and became the principal of MIT’s General Implicator project, which developed the first natural language inference engine used with Arpanet, the parent of the internet.

Shahriar’s Doctoral thesis at MIT was based on a regression model that predicted the pricing policies of the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Shahriar conducted research at Harvard Business School, where he developed a Bayesian model for statistical market analysis, and was a Senior Research Associate at London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies, where he worked on the security problems of the Persian Gulf States.

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