Presentation of the book “All the Kremlin’s Men. A brief history of modern Russia”

2016-03-01 Institute News

How the Russian president has been transforming into Putin-“Lion’s heart”, Putin “the Terrible” and “Saint”? How his Men were changed? Does he have a strategy? How the decisions are made in the Kremlin?

On March 7, at 18:30 Mikhail Zygar  will present his book and answer your questions at the Institute of the International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University (Vokiečių g. 10, hall 304). The meeting is moderated by the lecturer of the Vilnius University, Vytis Jurkonis. Presentation will be in Russian, questions and answer session in Russian/English.

Mikhail Zygar, ex-editor in chief of Rain TV Channel (Russia) wrote a book about the history of Russia of the last 15 years - the years of Putin’s ruling. Basing on the documents and detailed interviews with the people from both the nearest circle of Putin and his opponents - from Vladislav Surkov to Dmitry Medvedev, from Michael Khodorkovsky to Alexey Navalny - the metamorphoses of Russian authorities are shown. The opinions and versions of the direct witnesses of the events are compared with the documents and open source data and the logic of the decisions and cases becomes clear.

Mikhail Zygar has graduated from Moscow State University and has been a professor at the faculty of International journalism. He has worked as deputy editor in chief for Russian Newsweek and as senior correspondent for Kommersant Publishing House. Zygar is the author of several books: War and War and Myth (2006), Gazprom: Russia's New Weapon, which explores Russia's recent history through the currency of gas (2007) and All the Kremlin's Men (2015). Mikhail have been awarded the International Press Freedom Award, New York, 2014, and Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, Hanburg, 2014.

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