Research seminar “Methodological Developments in Comparative Politics and the Dilemmas They Pose” by Harvard professor Peter A. Hall

2017-05-10 Institute News

IIRPS VU invites to the public research seminar by outstanding political economist and one of the most well-known institutionalists Peter A. Hall on topic “Methodological Developments in Comparative Politics and the Dilemmas They Pose”.

Event will take place on 22rd of May, 16:45 pm (room 402) in english.

In this seminar following questions will be discussed: how our modalities of comparative research are changing (including more use of experiments, big data and RCTs) and what that offers and what problems it poses for our capacities to do comparative inquiry in the social sciences? This seminar is targeted at young researchers to provide them with an opportunity to discuss particular methodological issues with the leading US scholar as Peter A. Hall who has written extensively on the methodology of social sciences. 

Our guest is editor of a number of books such as “Successful Societies: How Institutions and Culture Affect Health” (with Michèle Lamont), “Changing France: The Politics that Markets Make” (with P. Culpepper and B. Palier), “Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage” (with David Soskice), “The Political Power of Economic Ideas: Keynesianism across Nations”, Developments in French Politics I and II” (with A. Guyomarch and H. Machin), “European Labor in the 1980s and the author of Governing the Economy: The Politics of State Intervention in Britain and France”. He is also known for more than hundred articles on European politics, policy-making, and comparative political economy. His current research focuses on the evolution of varieties of capitalism in Europe, the roots of the Euro crisis, and the social basis for inequalities in health across nations.

More information about our guest. 

More information about the event. 

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