Academic Discussion "25 Years of Trust Building in the Face of Global Challenges" - 2016 12 16

Academic discussion “25 Years of Trust Building in the Face of Global Challenges” which was dedicated to the commemoration of restoration of diplomatic relations between the Nordic countries and Lithuania took place on 16th of December, 2016.

Prominent scientists and journalists from Nordic countries and Lithuania delivered presentations and speeches in two panels which were named “Confidence in democratic institutions at the time of flux” and “Building social trust under growing diversity”.

The ultimate fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991 has launched a new era of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and the Nordic countries. For Lithuania, the support of the Nordic countries has been of vital importance for re-building the nation-state and integrating into the institutional structures of the West. A vigorous development of the diplomatic ties has leaded into creation of the Nordic-Baltic area based on the basic values of democracy, human rights, and rule of law. The 25th anniversary of this special bond gives a unique opportunity to reflect current challenges for democracy in our societies and beyond them. In the wake of democratic discontent accompanied by strengthening of centrifugal and isolationist forces in Europe and globally, one is in acute need to reconsider what should be done to sustain citizens’ trust both in democratic institutions and international structures that embody their core values.

Icelandic President H.E. G.Th. Jóhannesson'as and Lithuanian President H.E. D. Grybauskaitė congratulated the participants and guests of academic discussion via video messages which you can watch here:

from the President of Iceland -
from the President of Lithuania - 

More captured moments from the event on our Flickr account:

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