Lecture by prof. Dr. Ricardo Gualda „Metonymic Representation in Latin American Political Discourse“ - 2016 10 25

In his lecture prof. Ricardo Gualda showed how Latin American political discourse at the presidential level represents metonymic and metaphoric syntheses of recognizable social roles through public dialogue. The analysis showed how Hugo Chávez used to establish relationships with the broad Venezuelan public by embodying the metaphoric role of the rich uncle in direct interactions with individuals on his “Aló Presidente” television show. It then extended its reach to the 2014 presidential elections in Brazil, in which the figures of the 3 main candidates – Dilma Rousseff, Aécio Neves, and Marina Silva – are defined in terms of visual metaphors on internet posts, respectively as the brute man, the good boss, and the monster. These two contexts presented traditional roles available to politicians in Latin America and the strategies involved in trying to embody plausible and desirable ones. 

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