Public lecture by prof. Peter A. Hall "The Root of the New Populism and its Implications for Democratic Politics" - 2017 05 23

IIRPS VU invited to the public lecture “The Roots of the New Populism and its Implications for Democratic Politics” by Harvard university professor, outstanding political economist and one of the most well-known institutionalists Peter A. Hall. Lecture took place on 23rd of May.

This lecture focused on currently observed rise in the popularity of populists in many countries with old democratic traditions. Events such as US presidential elections, Brexit referendums, also elections in Netherlands and France as well as parliamentary elections in Germany scheduled for the Autumn will be discusses on the basis of Peter A. Hall's recent book “The Politics of Representation in the Global Age: Identification, Mobilization, and Adjudication” linking recent trends to the concepts of social resilience and successful societies.

You can find more photographs from the event on our Flickr account

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