Syrian Journalist Kholoud Helmi: "The Role of Women in Syrian Conflict" - 2016 11 23

Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University (IIRPS VU), Asian, African and Latin American Studies Centre (AALASC) at the VU IIRPS and Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited to the public lecture “Women in the middle of the Syrian conflict” which was given by a Syrian journalist Kholoud Helmi.

Ms Kholaud Helmi tried to answer questions of how the rights of women are being threatened in the conflict and how they are managing to survive it when the circumstances are daily suffering and constant loom of death.

The lecture was followed by a discussion which was moderated by dr. Ieva Koreivaitė, a lecturer at IIRPS VU.

Kholoud Helmi is a Syrian journalist working for an underground newspaper called “Enab Baladi”. Despite the many dangers that the newspaper faces daily because of its activities, it still shines the light on the conflict in Syria and delivers the news to the world. Back in 2012, Ms. Helmi, together with a group of her female friends, initiated demonstrations by which they attempted to bring democracy, organize free elections and guarantee human rights. In 2015, the journalist was awarded the The Anna Politkovskaya Award, a prize which is presented annually by Reach All Women in War (RAW in WAR) and honours women human rights defenders from war and conflict zones around the world. 

More photographs from the event:

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