Events materials

International Conference "Making Democracy Work in the Digital Age"

2009 11 5-6

Sergiu Baltatescu (University of Oradea, Romania)

Ritzi go home

Letizia Caporusso (University of Trento, Italy)

In e-vote we trust

Bernaras Ivanovas (Vytautas Magnus University)

Internet and antidemocratic ideas in Russia

Meelis Kitsing (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

An Evaluation of e-Government in Estonia

Auksė Balčytienė, Aušra Vinčiūnienė, and Lina Auškalnienė (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)

Studying the potential of new media in transnational (European) communication

Marcus Leaning (University of Winchester)

Media technology and the transformation of the public sphere: a media / social ecology perspective

Mr. Pertti Torstila (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of  Finland)

2008 02 12

International Conference "Nord Stream Project: The Economical, Political, Legal and Ecological Implications for the Baltic Sea Region"

2007 02 12

Vitalijus Auglys (Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania)

Preliminary Remarks Regarding NS Project: Environmental Impact Aspects

Arnolds Luksevics (The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Latvia)

Environmental Impact Assessment Issues in Latvia Concerning NS Project

Natalia Hryb

Nord Stream - Economic and Political Risks

Tomas Janeliūnas (IIRPS VU)

Energy Security of Lithuania and Impact of Nord Stream Project

Urmas Lips (Tallinn University of Technology)

Possible Environmental Impacts of the Nord Stream Project

Robert R. Larsson (Swedish Defence Research Agency)

A Pipeline too far?

Claes Tornberg

Maritime Security Aspects Regarding Nord Stream Project

Frank Umbach 

NS Project - The Strategic Importance to Russia and the EU

Institutional and Structural Preconditions for Democracy Development in Central and Eastern Europe

2007 05 03