Past projects

Performance Priorities of the Lithuanian Government: Implementation Process and Results (2014-2015)

Energy security in the Baltic Sea Region: regional coordination and management of interdependencies

Invisible society of Soviet-era Lithuania: the revision of distinction between systemic and non-systemic social networks (2012-2015)

Lithuania in the European Union: transformation or imitation? (2013-2015)

Lithuanian-Belarussian Relations in the History of Politics of Lithuania Republic and Belarus Republic (2013-2014)

Lithuanian Foreign Policy since 2004: between stability and change (2013–2014)

Film Adaptation: Between Narratology and Cultural Studies (2013-2014)

The factors of the stability of Belarusian regime and trends of its change (2012-2014)

The Politics of History As a Source of Geopolitical and Geocultural Identity (2012-2014)

Lithuanian National Electoral Study (2012-2014)

COST project “The actual voter: the electoral democracy’s analytic strategy, including continental West, South and East” (2009-2013)

The Nordic Baltic Small States: Perceptions on Economy, Security and Identity in an increasingly regionalized Europe (2011-2013)

Russia and the Wider East Central Europe: A Fundamentally Transformed Relationship (2011-2012)

Erasmus academic network LISBOAN (2010-2013)

The Anthology Of Lithuania's Political Thought (2011-2013)

History of Lithuania to EU Citizens (2012)

Public debates on European identity (2012)

Improvement of Professional Qualifications of the Lithuanian Civil Servants Representing the Interests of Lithuania in the EU (2011-2012)

Russia's search for identity and political practice, 1990-2010 (2011-2012)

Civil-Military Cooperation for Peace and Conflict Resolution (2011-2012)

History Policy as a Factor of Nation and State Building (2010-2012)

The Trends of Alteration in Structure and Performance of Lithuanian Government Institutions (2010-2011)

Corruption and Lobbyism: The Transparency Problems of the Interest Groups‘ Influence on Policy Making (2010-2011)

Creation of the draft prototype for Lithuanian political system data acquirement, copyright protection, storage, documentation and spread (2010-2011)

Small scale impact assessment (2010-2011)

Lithuania in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: Achievements, Failures and Prospects (2010)

The phenomenon of ‘Sąjūdis’: network analysis of civic movement (2009-2011)

COST project „Comparative Research into Current Trends in Public Sector Organisation" (2008-2011)

Democracy in a knowledge based society: analysis of challenges and opportunities (2007-2009)

Preserving national identity under conditions of globalization: the renewal of PhD programs in Social Sciences and Humanities and creation of postgraduate studies model (2006-2008)

The analysis of the international anti-terrorist challenges: the case of Lithuania (2006)

Administrative capacities strengthening and good governance of self-governing institutions in the Ghor province (Afghanistan) (2006)

CINEFOGO: Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe: European citizenship formation (2005-2009)