Administrative capacities strengthening and good governance of self-governing institutions in the Ghor province (Afghanistan) (2006)

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Assoc. prof. Egdūnas Račius

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Project description

Project goals: Induction training program aims to provide basic theoretical and practical knowledge about the functioning of political processes principles, public policy implementation and decision-making principles, concepts and models of public administration; as well as introduce to basics about international cooperation and state's foreign, domestic and economic policy.

The aim of this training program is to grant audience with knowledge and skills for everyday work: to introduce with organization‘s financial management, human resource management, provide information about business communication, teamwork, negotiation skills, use of information technology in public administration, organization and information management, record keeping.

Overall, the aim of the project - to strengthen official capacities in Ghor province and assist in preparation process of the outline for Ghor provincial development plan.

IIRPS experts participated in the Project implemented by Multicultural Communications Centre preparing the study for self-governing institutions in Ghor province. Study is based on collected data by Lithuanian experts during their visits to Afghanistan.

 IIRPS academic staff involved

Assoc. prof. Egdūnas Račius

Participant institutions

Multicultural Communications Centre, IIRPS VU