Corruption and Lobbyism: The Transparency Problems of the Interest Groups‘ Influence on Policy Making (2010-2011)

Project leader Dr. Jūratė Novagrockienė

Project duration

July 2010 – July 2011
Grant giver
Research Council of Lithuania
Project description

The objective of this projects is to examine the functioning of lobbyism institution in Lithuania. Employing the political networking analysis this research Project aims at exploring the peculiarities and determining the types of the interactions among interest groups and the formal actors on various levels of policy making process. On this basis researchers would evaluate the effectiveness of legally regulated lobbying, the potentialities of the preconditions for corruption as well as the balance between the impact on the policy making process made by registered and non-registered lobbyists and finally deliver the empirically grounded recommendations on outfighting the failings in functioning of lobbyism institution. 

 The research should reveal the common practices of legally regulated as well as imprescriptible representation of interests indicating the possible points of corrupt interactions and suggest the means of increasing the transparency of lobbyism and reducing the potential for corruption in policy-making process.

Alongside the practical significance of the Project, the theoretical modeling of the interactions between interest groups and governmental as well as municipal authorities using the theories of political networks is of great importance. Thus, the Project would contribute to the academic discussion on the prevailing models of interaction between interest groups and government in Lithuania and other post-Soviet countries, the alternation of these models of interaction as well as their regulation perspectives. Moreover, the research methodology employed in the Project might be applicable to the further research on other political, legal and social phenomena.
IIRPS academic staff involved
 Mindaugas Kluonis, dr. Alvidas Lukošaitis, dr. Aušra Rauličkytė
Participant institutions