The Trends of Alteration in Structure and Performance of Lithuanian Government Institutions (2010-2011)

Project leader

dr. Vitalis Nakrošis

Project duration

July 2010 – December 2011
Grant giver
Research Council of Lithuania, Grant for researchers' initiatives
Project description

The aim of the project is to identify and explain the trends of alterations in structure and management of Lithuanian government institutions. The project also aims to contribute to the implementation of the EU COST action ISO601 "Comparative Research into Current trends in Public sector Organization" in Lithuania.

The main scientific outputs of the project include four case studies on Lithuanian government institutions (or their groups); the research on the development of Lithuanian government institutions (at the level of institutions subordinated to ministries); collective monograph / collection of papers (in English); and the outputs of the dissemination of the later and other project results (public presentation and popular science articles).

Achivement of the abovementioned results will lead to the academic "breakthrough" in comparison to the current state of reseach in the field. The gap of empirical data on the organisational changes will be filled in; the theoretical research background of the COST action ISO601 as well as the quallitative - quantitative analysis methodology fully applied; the research on alterations in structure and management of Lithuanian government institutions will be balanced on the system, intitutional and individual levels; the prerequisites for comparative research on the trends of alterations in structure and management of government institutions in Lithuania and other European countries will be created; the background for applying the recomendations of research to the decision making in state governance reform will be built.


The results of the project are covered in the joint publication of dr. Vitalis Nakrošis and dr. Žilvinas Martinaitis, namely "Lithuanian agencies and other public sector organisations: organisation, autonomy, control and performance".

Project team
Dr. Egidijus Barcevičius, dr. Deividas Vijeikis, Žilvinas Martinaitis, Dovilė Žvalionytė, Mantas Budraitis
Participant institutions