Erasmus academic network "PADEMIA" (2013-2016)

Project coordinator

Dr. Katjana Gattermann, University of Cologne (Germany)

Project duration


Grant giver

EU Lifelong Learning programme

Project description

PADEMIA has the primary objective to bring together academics involved in research and teaching on the Parliamentary Democracy in Europe in order to overcome persisting disciplinary and geographical divides in EU studies. PADEMIA will thus support the establishment of a European Higher Education Area in a field of major political importance to promote synergies between research and teaching, highlight innovative approaches and establish best practices in teaching this key issue to present and future generations of students.

Project activities include network-wide annual interdisciplinary conferences, international seminars, PhD schools, lecture series, etc. online paper series, a student paper competition, annual research and teaching awards.

IIRPS academic staff involved

Doc. dr. Inga Vinogradnaitė

Participant institutions

PADEMIA will cover 56 partner institutions from the EU-28 plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, IIRPS being one of them. The coordinator of the project is the Institute of Political Science and European Affairs of the University of Cologne.