Research themes


In 2010 the Council of IIRPS approved five broad research themes for the next few years. The themes are based on the existing expertise and are directed towards the reflection, analysis and solutions of the contemporary political problems.


Changes in International Politics, Research methods and Lithuanian Foreign Policy

The rapidly developing, complex reality of international politics requires finding new ways to describe, conceptualise and analyse it, as well as critically examine the applied theoretical tools. The goal of this research theme is to analyse the transformations in international politics and their influence on Lithuanian foreign policy, and develop the research methods for the analysis of the international processes.


Challenges to Democracy in Postcommunist World

Today the frequently raised questions is - why democratic institutions do not work as expected and which institutional forms allows effectively realize the ideals of democracy in the modern societies. Reacting to the challenges to democracy in postcommunist world this research theme seeks to analyse the institutionalisation and conceptualization of democratic processes in Lithuania.


Political Transformations in Eastern Europe

The political processes in the neighbouring states - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova - influence the domestic and foreign policy of Lithuania. Thus, they require the deep understanding, analysis and assessment. The goal raised by this research theme is to analyse the political development of the Eastern European States and its impact on Lithuanian domestic and foreign policy.


The Development of the European Union after the Lisbon Treaty: The Problems of Economic Integration, Political Consolidation and External Relations

The Lisbon treaty, which became effective in 2009, seeks to renew the functioning of the European Union and adjust it to the EU of 27. The research theme analyses the processes of EU economical and political integration and the change of the EU global role after the institutional reform.


Public Policy Process and Development of Public Administration in Lithuania after the EU Enlargement

Public policy is the result of the complex process involving many different actors. Searching for the effective public policy it is necessary to discuss and assess the best reform recipes for Lithuania. This research theme is devoted to the analysis of the Lithuanian policy process and the problems of public administration in the context of the EU integration.